Professional Cleaning Services FAQs: Answers to Your Concerns and Doubts

When it comes to cleaning your home or office, it is a big decision to trust someone else with the job. A trained cleaner has extensive experience in a wide range of cleaning services. However, many people avoid hiring cleaners due to doubts or confusion. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about D&A house cleaning services, office cleaning, event cleaning, and spring cleaning services to give you more information. We hope this section will provide the answers you need. Is there something else you need clarification on? Contact us.

    It’s not necessary if you talk to our professionals beforehand about your cleaning requirements and other requests. Our cleaners will take care of the cleaning while you are working or busy with other things.

    There are some required activities before the cleaner arrives. Try to remove everything from the floor and put them in appropriate places like closets. Secure your kids & pets in order to avoid time-consuming and extra costs for you. Identify the areas that need special attention and ask cleaners to spend more time on those particular zones.

    Well, it depends! On a regular weekly basis, it takes around 3 hours to clean a home with 2 bedrooms & 1 bathroom. If your house is in disarray, however, the cleaning process may take longer.

    Our professional cleaners use the most effective ways of cleaning services & do not waste a second.

    If you are in a hurry or have to go out, you can just discuss your requests & leave the cleaning process to our cleaners.

    All the tools, supplies, and equipment our cleaners need for a thorough cleaning will be provided by us & you do not have to provide anything.

    There are some places that our cleaners do not clean.

    • High-up Places: We place a high value on safety. Due to this, we require our teams to always keep their feet on the ground. It means no climbing ladders of any kind, including small step stools. For cleaning hard-to-reach places, we will use long poles. However, depending on how high they are, they won’t be able to reach everything. If you need to have window panes, walls, or cobwebs cleaned higher than 5 feet, or ceiling fans higher than 7 feet, we can’t help you with that.
    • Unloading Your Dishwasher: Loading the dishwasher is always a pleasure for us. Unfortunately, we cannot unload it. This may sound silly, but there’s a good reason. Our chances of breaking dishes increase when unloading a dishwasher. There is an additional liability, and no one likes broken dishes. Additionally, we can always make best guesses, but we may not know for sure where all your dishes go. Searching for a favorite cup of coffee can be a real pain. Only to find that it was put away in the wrong cupboard weeks ago.
    • Laundry and Dishes: At Your home will look and smell great after our cleaning service. Nevertheless, you should not expect a professional cleaner to run your clothes through the wash, fold your dried laundry, or iron your clothes. We also don’t wash dishes by hand for liability reasons.
    • Bed Bug and Other Insects: Insect-related issues, particularly those relating to bed bugs. We recommend a professional bed bug removal service and a professional carpet cleaning service for your home. Once this is completed, we will be able to start our cleaning services. If we find bed bugs or insect problems, we will need to stop the service and refer you to an insect removal service.
    • Window, Countertop, and Floor Paint Removal: We cannot remove dried paint from windows, floors, or countertops unless you have booked a post-construction cleaning. Even if you can lift it with a finger, doing so may be very time-consuming and risk damaging the counter or floor. In order to ensure that we can do this effectively, we need to pay special attention and a special price. We need to know in advance if this is something you want to be done.
    • Getting Rid of Odors: There is nothing D&A Cleaning Service can do about strong odors from animal waste, smoke, mold, or anything else that requires remediation.
    • Detailed carpet and floor cleaning: We are unable to provide detailed carpet and floor cleaning beyond sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming. We also don’t wash or mop unfinished concrete.
    • Large mirrors: Cleaning large mirrors take special time and care to get streak-free and spotless. If you have large mirrors, you will need to schedule a professional window cleaning service.
    • Human/animal feces: Human and animal feces are dangerous and must be cleaned up properly and quickly. But this isn’t something our cleaning company does. We can refer you to someone who cleans feces if you need it.
    • Hazardous/toxic material:
      If you have any hazardous or toxic material in your house, our cleaning crew can’t help you with that. We aren’t equipped to clean any chemical or biological material.

    We provide cleaning services in Arlington Heights, IL; Highland Park, IL; Gold Coast, Chicago, IL; Winnetka, IL; and Hawthorn Woods, IL.

    You spend half of your day at home; A healthier area is the key for you & your family not to getting sick. Our Professional cleaners are expert at getting rid of germs and bacteria on hard surfaces of your home.

    Our spring cleaning services include every area, space & surface of your home such as:

    • Kitchen
    • Living Areas
    • Bathrooms
    • Bedrooms
    • And everything else

    Our professional cleaners are known for their great attention to detail. Also, they will bring all kinds of products and equipment they need for spring cleaning & you don’t have to provide any kind of tools.

    It takes an average of 6 days for spring cleaning to be completed, but some cleaners are able to do the job within 1 or 2 days. You can hire two or three cleaners too if you don’t want to spend a week on spring cleaning.

    From March 1st until the end of April, you can hire our spring cleaners.

    Our event cleaning services include all pre-event & post-event cleanings such as:

    Pre-Event Cleanup:

    Mopping, sweeping and vacuuming all floors

    Cleaning the windows

    Cleaning the bathrooms

    Removing the trash

    Sweeping the front walk

    Post-Event Cleanup:

    Cleaning of the entire venue

    Removing the trash

    Toilet and bathroom sanitization

    Furniture rearranging

    Mopping, sweeping and vacuuming all floors

    Our cleaners will bring all kinds of products & equipment for the office cleaning services & you don’t need to provide any tools.

    Your business’ size and nature, will determine how frequently you have your office cleaned. Taking care of your office cleanliness will increase your employee productivity & reduce the spread of disease.

    Please contact the D&A Cleaning Solutions office to discuss employment opportunities. We can discuss any pre-qualifications for employment, the application process, benefits, and pay structure based on the position. You can also fill out our form for cleaning jobs.