In electrostatic disinfection, a specialized sprayer is used to ensure that all surfaces are disinfected to the highest possible standards. Air is combined with the disinfectant solution inside electrostatic sprayers, then an electrode inside the sprayer nozzle is used to give them an electric charge. When the disinfectant is charged, it is sprayed onto surfaces. Disinfectants with positively charged ions bond to negatively charged surfaces. It also creates a more even coating of disinfectant and helps to kill any pathogens on the surface.

This technology has a proven track record and has been used by other industries for decades. Electrostatic spray technology is used in the car industry to paint cars. They use it because the paint is evenly distributed in even the toughest places to reach. This technology is used in cleaning as well. It gives us another option to thoroughly and evenly apply disinfectant agents to surfaces.

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What Is Electrostatic Disinfection?

In electrostatic spray cleaning, an electrostatically charged mist is sprayed on surfaces and objects. In this method, a specialized solution is combined with air and atomized by a sprayer using an electrode. Moreover, the spray contains particles that are positively charged. They can adhere aggressively to surfaces and objects. Spray particles are positively charged, so they stick to and coat any surface they come in contact with.

To reach and clean awkwardly shaped objects or hard-to-reach places, the electrostatic cleaner crew only needs to point and spray and nothing more. Because of the mist’s properties, it coats surfaces evenly and covers objects, even when only sprayed from one side. A sanitizing agent is then applied to disinfect the surfaces after the spray is applied. This is why electrostatic spray cleaning is a perfect solution for germ-infested areas.

How Does Electrostatic Disinfection Work?

Electrically charged electrostatic spray enables disinfectants, appropriate sanitizers, and mold preventatives.

Then they wrap around and evenly coat all types of surfaces for a more thorough clean.

Chemicals are given a positive electrical charge as they exit the sprayer. As a result, the sanitizing agent becomes attracted to all negative surfaces, covering all visible surfaces, undersides, and backsides. Spraying already covered surfaces will repel the spray, making this method extremely effective.

Electrostatic Cleaning kitchen

Is Electrostatic Cleaning Effective?

As long as you use an appropriate disinfectant, electrostatic cleaning technology is very effective. No other cleaning method can coat surfaces so evenly or so thoroughly. Since the disinfectant sticks to the target and is ionically charged, less disinfectant is wasted. Most spray bottles waste a lot of disinfectants. Spray drifts from the target and ends up in places that aren’t useful. You never pay to spray air when you use this method.

You can disinfect the most difficult-to-reach crannies and nooks with an electrostatic sprayer. Disinfect a shared terminal keyboard in a high-traffic area using this system. It even catches bacterial colonies hiding in the curves of objects such as a wheelchair or a walker. You can also use the electrostatic cleaning solution for large surfaces. And it will give wide coverage in less time, saving effort and money as it gets better results.

The Benefits Of Electrostatic Disinfection

Electrostatic cleaning technology makes cleaning easier in many ways. Some of these ways simply make the cleaning process easier, but others can make it safer and more comprehensive. Some of the benefits we provide in our local cleaning company are:

  • Greater disinfectant coverage with less time and effort
  • Disinfection of areas that are hard to reach (or impossible) with other methods
  • Preventing the spread of viruses, such as influenza, COVID-19, HIV, and MRSA. (when you use it with an appropriate disinfectant)
  • With tighter control over the spray, less waste is generated and less disinfectant is wasted
  • With an even layer of spray, your cleaning team can disinfect surfaces without ever having to touch them

Furthermore, you receive the usual protection that disinfection provides like:

  • Lower risk of liability if someone gets ill at your place of business
  • Reduced risk of workplace illnesses causing service disruptions
  • Increased trust from clients, who know that you are willing to invest in their well-being
  • More trust from your employees who see you care about them

Is Electrostatic Spray Disinfection Right For My Business?

Electrostatic disinfection works great for businesses with a lot of high-traffic areas. Or if they have equipment that is touched frequently or many nooks and crannies that need to be disinfected. These are some examples of places that could benefit from electrostatic spray cleaning :

  • Schools
  • Office complexes
  • Medical facilities like hospitals, doctors’ offices, and outpatient centers
  • Gyms and fitness centers
  • Commercial restaurants and kitchens 
  • Transit such as subway cars and airplanes
  • Any business that needs to have a sanitary environment. Or any workplace with equipment like computer keyboards with lots of places where germs can hide can benefit from disinfecting with an electrostatic sprayer.
Electrostatic Disinfection

This method uses disinfectants that are safe for the operators and anyone present in the area. As soon as the disinfectant dries, the space is safe for both people and animals.

You can use electrostatic sprays on surfaces like wood and electronics, but you must spot test them before spraying directly on them. For example, since the sprays contain water, you don’t want them getting in your computer tower.

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