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Our professional cleaning services in and near Arlington Heights, IL are here to make your life easier. Whether it’s house cleaning, commercial cleaning, event cleaning, basement cleaning, or moving cleaning, we’ve got you covered. Our professional cleaners use top-notch equipment and eco-friendly products to ensure a spotless and sanitized environment. Sit back, relax, and let us handle the dirty work while you enjoy a fresh and pristine space. Contact us today for a sparkling clean experience!

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    House Cleaning Services

    House Cleaning

    We offer residential cleaning services that go beyond the basics and give your home a complete clean that will reenergize you and enhance your lifestyle. We pay close attention to every detail in every room. All surfaces will be spotless when we leave, from light fixtures to tile grout and corners of your floors. 

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    Commercial Cleaning Services

    Commercial Cleaning

    In order to give your potential customers a positive first impression, your commercial property needs to be spotless. In addition, you need to ensure your workers are safe and healthy. We offer commercial cleaning services for all surfaces, including fabric and hardwood floors, and your office drapes and blinds.

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    Event Cleaning Services

    Event Cleaning

    Let our team of highly trained cleaners set up your event and do the cleaning while you’re enjoying your event. We will leave your house impeccably clean, erasing any trace of the party as if it never happened. Whether it’s a sports or music event, a birthday party, or just a gathering of friends, we have the experience.

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    Basement Cleaning Services in & near Arlington Heights, IL

    Basement Cleaning

    We promise a quick, thorough basement cleaning service. We’ll start by getting rid of the junk you don’t need, and when we’re done, we’ll leave behind a spotless basement so you can store your stuff there. If your basement has been collecting dust and debris for a long time, we are the best solution for you! 

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    Spring cleaning service

    Spring Cleaning

    Spring cleaning services that we offer will make your home feel like it’s springtime again. We use tools and processes that ensure dirt and bacteria don’t stick around anymore. Whether you are looking for a one-time quick cleaning session or a deep spring cleaning, we can offer you the level of service you need.

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    Moving Cleaning Service

    Moving Cleaning

    Our move-in & move-out cleaning services will ease the transition to your new home. We know that moving alone can be stressful enough without having to clean your new place. Choose Cleanwithdna and let our professional cleaners handle this time-consuming task rather than doing it yourself.

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    Airbnb Cleaning Services

    Airbnb Cleaning 

    If your vacation rental is not clean, your listing and average nightly rate will suffer. Hosts and property managers can rely on our Airbnb cleaning services to keep their units clean and ready for the next guest. We will come prepared with all the cleaning supplies we need to make your vacation rental stand out, and maximize its profit potential.

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    Post-Construction Cleaning Services

    Post-Construction Cleaning

    Whether you’ve renovated your house or built a new one, we will leave your place safe and secure for the homeowner to live in. Post-construction cleaning is more than just picking up dust and debris. This debris can damage your beloved home or even affect your health, but you can get your house in order again with us.

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    Electrostatic Disinfection

    Electrostatic Disinfection

    The cleaning process is easier and safer with our electrostatic disinfection services. We will clean high-traffic, out-of-reach areas no matter it’s in a school, office complex, or even a gym. This method gives a greater disinfectant coverage with less time and effort so you’ll definitely get more than what you pay for.

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