After a construction project is over, the building or the renovated facility requires proper cleaning by professionals. Every bit of the space needs to be cleaned so that business activities can begin. Post-construction cleaning serves the very purpose of preparing the new space or facility for move-in.

The construction contractor is responsible for the removal of the debris from the facility. Cleaning the space from top to bottom is a job that only professional cleaners can handle. If you have constructed a commercial building or renovated a facility, it will not be ready for move-in, until its walls, ceilings, floors and all other areas and items are neat and clean. Post-construction cleaners have experience in handling this task properly and make the new space clean, inviting and comfortable.

That is exactly where the role of D&A Cleaning comes into play. Our company has a solid reputation for offering top-notch post-construction cleaning among a host of other residential and commercial cleaning services.

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D&A Cleaning: Your Ideal Post-Construction Cleaning Partner

General cleaning does not prepare a newly constructed or renovated facility for move in and business operation. What you actually need is detailed cleaning of every inch of the space, from top to bottom.

D&A Cleaning is a professional cleaning company which specializes in tidying up new spaces after construction. Our highly trained cleaners pay close attention to every area of the facility and clean with a great eye for detail, so as to make sure the entire facility shines and looks inviting. Whether it is the walls, ceilings or floors, our cleaners see to it that drywall dust and dirt is removed properly. The cleaners will reach the trims and edges of every fixture inside the facility and give them a proper cleaning. After every nook and crevice of the facility has been cleaned, the entire house or building will shine and be ready for doing business.

We provide post-construction cleanup for residential as well as commercial facilities in and near Arlington Heights, Illinois.

Our Post-Construction Cleanup Includes

Post-construction cleaning does not mean just sweeping the floor. In fact, it is an elaborate cleaning task. If you hire our cleaners for the job, here are the tasks that you will get done in an effective manner.


Construction work leaves dust, dirt, marks and smudges on walls. Once our cleaners are in your property, they will start cleaning each and every wall in your house or building. The cleaners will make sure all the walls are clean and free from any kind of spots or marks on them.

Windows and Frames

Inside a newly constructed or renovated house, the windows and frames are often in a mess. Our cleaners will tidy up and clean all these spaces with power-washing techniques.


It is usually hard for homeowners to reach and clean ceilings on their own. Our cleaners will skillfully reach every area and corner of the ceiling and clean it in a proper manner. Plus, the cleaners will also wipe and clean the fans and lights hung from the ceiling in your house.


The most dust and dirt remains on the floor after the construction work is over. If there is debris left on the floor, our cleaners will remove every bit of it and clean the entire floor. Particularly, the cleaners will pay attention to the corners and the edges as well as clean and polish the floors. Vacuuming, wiping and washing will be done in a professional manner for a spotless look.


The state of appliances does not look good post-construction. Our trained cleaners will see to it that every appliance in your house is properly cleaned without causing any damage to them. Plus, the professionals will tidy up all cabinets and shelves, inside out.

Trash Disposal

After all the cleaning has been done, our cleaners will gather all the trash and debris in one place and dispose of them in a proper manner. Finally, you will have a bright and welcoming space.

While carrying out the cleaning tasks, our cleaners will follow all the safety guidelines so that no harm or damage is done. Most importantly, the professionals will inform you of any kind of issues with electrical wires or pipes, so that you can get them fixed to avoid any kind of problem in the future.


Why You Should Hire Our Professional Construction Cleaners

At D&A Cleaning, we have highly qualified and certified cleaners who have several years of experience in post-construction cleaning. All our cleaners have been expertly trained in an array of latest cleaning techniques as well as the effective use of a wide range of cleaning tools and products.

Our professionals will make sure no marks or paint splatters are left anywhere on the walls, ceilings or the floors. After the cleaning has been completed, you will not find a single nail on the garage floor.

The cleaners will not miss out on anything and will tidy up the exteriors of the property too. We understand that a neat and clean atmosphere is essential for healthy family living.

The entire cleaning project will be completed in three stages, which are a) Rough Clean b) Light Clean and c) Final Clean.

After the job is over, you will have a thoroughly cleaned new space or facility, which will look spotless, welcoming and comfortable. 

Since we are licensed and fully insured, you should feel confident that we have it all covered in case anything happens in your home while carrying out the cleaning tasks. All our local cleaning services have one common goal: to improve the quality of life for the occupants of the property.

Hire Our Cleaning Pros

If your house, apartment or commercial building is newly constructed or renovated, you should hire our trained cleaners to make it ready for move-in. Professionals from D&A Cleaning will reach every nook and cranny in your property and clean it thoroughly in a swift manner.

We remain focused on listening to our clients, understanding what they need and then going the extra mile to deliver the best results. Based in Arlington Heights, Illinois, our company has a reputation for abiding by the highest service standards.

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