9 Tips for Cleaning up After Renovation


Renovation is sometimes mandatory, and you can’t avoid that. The renovation process is time-consuming and costly, and you must do a lot of work to clean the place afterward. There are some strategies and tips to maximize efficiency and minimize errors. These practical tips will help you save time and money. Keep reading to learn about these tips.

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    1- A Final Walk-through is a Must-be

    It is a great idea to have a walk-through with your contractor before the commencement of the cleaning process. Some issues or repairs might have remained, and it’s better to do this final walk-through during low traffic hours. Many people are in the space during heavy traffic hours, and it maximizes the mistakes.

    2- Start Decluttering

    You can see clutter all around after Renovation. It collected over time, and there`s an unpleasant impression of being unkempt. After your contractor leaves, take some time and start decluttering. It`ll make much more space accessible for you to use for décor purposes.

    3- Don’t Ignore Big Stuffs First

    Manage big pieces like appliances and furniture at the beginning. Later, you can pick up knickknacks and more minor things, which are not troublesome. The smaller things can be cleaned quickly, and less fuss is available for them than more oversized items.

    4- Vacuum Every Corner of Your House

    Dust can remain on furniture, carpets, and everywhere. Vacuum everywhere carefully, and don’t ignore the corners of the house. Most people forget corners, but they are the essential parts, and more dust will remain in those places. Take more time for vacuuming because each room has unique characteristics to consider. The vacuum setting is different for every room depending on the type of carpet and many other factors. An in-depth inspection is necessary when you try to vacuum different rooms.

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    5- Start Dry-dusting

    After you have vacuumed everywhere, it’s time for dry-dusting. Wipe down everything and clean up. The first thing to consider is the walls. They are a haven for dust and tiny particles. So, clean the walls up with care and precision. Dry-dusting can be a good idea for the walls, but if they are currently painted, you may need other solutions. Damp clothes can be a good choice here so that you can clean and leave no stains behind.

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    6- Don’t Ignore Filters and Air Vents

    The air is full of chemicals and dust particles after Renovation. Breathing such air can be dangerous. People who have respiratory problems must be cautious here and don`t neglect places like air vents. So, if you have renovated all or parts of your house, clean air vents and filters precisely.

    7- Clean Other Things

    Now, you must clean other things like appliances or fixtures. You have to clean the windows or electronics. Don’t ignore the knobs and handles of the doors. A damp cloth can be helpful in this stage. Try to clean everything carefully because there are dust particles in different places that you won’t see with naked eyes.

    8- Use Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

    You will need cleaning products after the Renovation. Some cleaning products have harmful ingredients, which can bring serious problems, especially for people who suffer from allergies or asthma. We live in that place, and the side effects of these dangerous ingredients might remain. There are eco-friendly cleaning products that are far better than their chemical counterparts. The eco-friendly products are made of organic and natural materials, so they are better replacements for chemical products.

    9- Don’t Forget to Wear Masks

    A mask is a safety measure that protects you against dust and tiny particles. After Renovation, breathing is difficult due to the presence of so many articles in the air. A mask can protect you from many diseases, and everyone who is cleaning must wear one. It is a must-be for people who suffer from some diseases.

    You have to do some safety measures after cleaning. For instance, your hands can be dirty. Taking a shower after the cleanup process can be helpful and remove a lot of germs from your body. Take all the tips mentioned in the article seriously to stay safe and healthy.

    Are You Too Busy to Clean Your House?

    Some people are too busy to undertake the cleaning process after Renovation. Some people don’t have enough experience in cleaning. Fortunately, there are cleaning companies who provide after-renovation cleaning services for you. Using these companies can benefit most people because they have a professional workforce as long as modern tools. Therefore, if you get the cleaning process from these professional companies, you’ll save time and money. If you clean by yourself, you may make some costly mistakes, or you may endanger your health. So, using these companies can minimize the errors, and it means saving more time and money.

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