Professional Cleaning Companies Vs. Private Cleaners

If you’re looking around for a cleaning service, you may be surprised at the range of choices available, from a private cleaner working out of the trunk of his car to large well-known franchised companies. There’s also us. We are a family-owned, locally-based cleaning company with highly-trained professionals. Many of them clean the same houses every week for the same families in and near Arlington Heights, IL.

Compare Cleaning Companies with Private Cleaners

Private house cleaners generally offer lower prices than professional cleaning services, making them a more attractive option if the price is your only factor. However, there are many other factors to take into account, so you should evaluate the trade-offs you are making if you are only concerned with price. Other than price, what should you consider when choosing between professional cleaning services and a private house cleaner?

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  • Number of Cleaners

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Have you ever hired a cleaning copmany that pulled up to your home with five cleaners and shook down your entire 3,000 square foot home in less than an hour? It’s unbelievable – but how does that happen? These companies are great for people who need their house cleaned fast. Like people who have young children or work from home and need the cleaning company to be in and out in no time.

If you want your home to be cleaned fast, and you don’t care who shows up at your door each time trust a large professional cleaning company to hire the right people to do the job. Or maybe you like the same person to clean your house every time so you can develop a long-term relationship. Therefore, having five fast cleaners may not be your cup of tea. Your best bet would be to hire a private home cleaner or a housekeeper instead.

If you fall between these two extremes, looking for quick cleaning and getting to know your house cleaner at the same time, cleaning companies like us meet both of these needs. You should always ask how the professional cleaning company screens its cleaners. And also ask for references from private house cleaners and make sure that you check them.

  • Flexibility

If you need a specific time and day of the week to schedule your cleaning service, it may not be possible to book a particular house cleaner. So you will be forced to choose the next available time slot. Maybe you will be willing to take the less-desirable day, for now, if you love this home cleaner. However, if you only have one day that works for you, a larger company may be more flexible since they have more workers who can fit into your schedule.

  • Reliability

If anything happens to your home cleaner, your cleaning won’t happen. There are many reasons why your private house cleaner might not be able to come to your home. Car problems, illness, and taking care of a sick child are just a few. If your private cleaner decides to stop cleaning one day, you will have to find another one. Professional cleaning services can handle sick days and car troubles. In addition, they are much more likely to have backup cleaners to take over from your usual one. Reliability is really important when deciding whether to hire a private home cleaner or a professional cleaning company.

  • Insurance and legal obligations

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A professional cleaning company is a registered company. Their liability insurance protects you from being held responsible for any accidents on your property (for example, if a cleaner slips in the shower and gets injured). They’re also bonded in case theft or damage occurs.

Most private house cleaners lack these basic legal necessities, which may put you at risk. Ask the house cleaner or cleaning company you are hiring how they would handle an accident at your home. And what precautions they will take to protect you from theft or breakage.

When hiring someone who isn’t insured and bonded, be aware of the risks involved. If a cleaner gets hurt on your property, the financial responsibility could fall on you. Even worse, your damaged items will not be compensated.

Working with a private cleaner can result in the IRS determining that you are their employer. So you are required to withhold taxes from their paychecks that you must pay to the government in the end. A professional cleaning company pays their employees’ taxes, so you don’t need to worry about it.

  • Background checks

Working with a professional cleaning service means they have taken care of the legwork in finding trustworthy cleaners, likely going through background checks and undergoing weeks of training. If you’re choosing a private home cleaner, ask them to provide you with their background checks. If you’re hiring a cleaning company, ensure that they vet their employees. Those who are honest and serious about their business are never offended or upset by these questions. As you’re allowing this person to enter your home, it’s best to be safe than sorry.

  • Communication

Having a professional cleaning service means you can contact the office if you have a problem. But when you work with a private house cleaner, you have to confront them directly, which can be challenging and less effective. You have someone you can turn to if you have trouble when it comes to pricing, quality, and reliability. And it isn’t the person who cleaned your home and who you hope will show up next week.

  • Personalization

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    One of the reasons people hire a private home cleaner is that they can give them specific tasks when they come to clean, rather than a professional cleaning company whose services offer little customization. By providing a range of services, cleaning companies can keep their cleaning services prices low while maintaining high quality and consistency. You will need to decide what you expect from your cleaning service and what is right for you. It doesn’t hurt to ask the cleaning company or private house cleaner for specific services and a price you can afford. This way you can give them the best chance to meet your needs. It’s not rude or insensitive; it’s about building a business relationship.

    Hiring a private house cleaner or a professional cleaning company should be a relief, not a headache. As we said, There is no wrong choice when choosing between them. We can, however, only tell you more about our services as a cleaning company. If you’re looking for a cleaning service in and near Arlington Heights, IL, consider us one of your best options. Our goal is to provide each client with a cleaning experience free from worry. Call us and get your free estimate today!


    Professional cleaning companies are registered businesses with trained professionals, while private cleaners are individuals working independently.

    The number of cleaners, flexibility, reliability, insurance and legal obligations, background checks, communication, and personalization.

    Trained professionals, faster cleaning with a team, flexibility in scheduling, liability insurance, background checks, and a point of contact for communication.

    Yes, private cleaners may lack liability insurance, and you may be responsible for withholding taxes if the IRS determines you are their employer.

    Request background checks, verify references, conduct interviews or trial periods, and trust your instincts.

    Research reputable, read reviews, inquire about training and screening processes, insurance coverage, pricing, and services, and contact the company for a free estimate.