Top Secrets of Professional Cleaners

Professional House Cleaner

There’s nothing better than returning to an organized, clutter-free home. In case you wondered if the stress you feel when your house isn’t as clean as you’d like is just in your head, science says it isn’t.

The truth is that when our homes are messy, we feel more stressed and anxious.

We can reduce our daily stress by keeping our homes clean and tidy, but even the act of cleaning can bring anxiety to some of us.

Feeling as though we don’t know where to begin or how often we should perform different household chores can make us give up.

How do professionals do it? 

If you want a thorough cleaning, you should hire professional cleaners. They’ve been doing this for a long time and know every corner that usually gets forgotten. Over time, they’ve come up with comprehensive checklists that help them cover every nook and cranny. We’ve gathered these tips and secrets that professional cleaners use to help you ease the cleaning process so you can keep your home sparkling.

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1.  Start at the top and work your way down.

Start by dusting ceiling fans or wiping high shelves in each room. As you go down, sweep off any crumbs or dust. Remove debris and dust from lampshades, curtains, throw pillows, and other soft surfaces. The dust, pet hair, and debris will fall to the floor as you work your way down. Professional cleaners also recommend that you follow three steps when cleaning: top to bottom, back to front, and then slice the mess from left to right. You spend less time looking around and deciding what to clean next by following the path systematically. Rather than going back to an area, you just keep moving forward on the path.

2. Get things done quickly.

Professional cleaners follow a schedule and clean quickly and efficiently. By practicing and focusing, you can achieve the same results. Some cleaners claim it’s possible to clean a whole house in one hour. That may be true only for the smallest homes, but it’s easy to waste time and burn out before the job is complete. 

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3. Simplify your cleaning products.

You don’t need a cabinet overflowing with different products for every cleaning task. You can use basic cleaning products for multiple purposes. Vinegar, for instance, is a natural, inexpensive solution that cleans drains, gets rid of stains, cleans toilets, and cuts grease. While you’ll likely need more than vinegar to clean the whole house, a professional house cleaner uses just three basic cleaning products. Do you want to give it a try? Consider using only one cleaning/degreasing solution, white vinegar, and a wood cleaner like olive oil.

4. Apply this miraculous cleaning solution.

Even if you limit your cleaning products to a few versatile cleaners, you might still encounter some difficult cleaning tasks as you work in your home. That’s where vinegar and baking soda, a simple, naturally derived solution, come in handy. Even the pros will admit that watching these two ingredients foam up when combined is pretty entertaining, but the real magic happens when you use it. Use vinegar and baking soda together for tough cleaning jobs around the house. You can use them to clean everything from scorched pans to drains.

5. Make the most of your dishwasher.

Don’t spend a lot of time scrubbing and soaking household items like toothbrush holder, soap dishes, sink drains, and stove burner liners. Place them on the top shelf of the dishwasher instead, and the machine will handle the rest for you. A dishwasher can safely clean almost anything made of hard plastic, glass, metal, or ceramic. Did you know there’s more to it than that? According to professional cleaners, you can clean pet dishes, hairbrushes, plastic baby toys, gardening tools, and refrigerator shelves in the dishwasher.

6. Pay attention to window and shower tracks.

It’s amazing how fast dust and gunk accumulate in window and shower tracks. Fortunately, they’re not too hard to clean, and you don’t need to use any expensive cleaning products or spend a lot of time doing it. Use baking soda and vinegar as part of your regular cleaning routine for window and shower tracks. If you want to clean window and shower tracks like a pro, you’ll only need an old toothbrush, a rag, and a butter knife.

Windows Cleaning

7. Scrub the tub smarter, not harder.

A little patience goes a long way when it comes to cleaning the bathtub or shower stall. Apply a thin, even layer of your bathroom cleaning product to the tub or shower. You won’t even need a special bathroom product for this; if you give it some time to soak, a degreasing cleaner will do the trick. The cleaner will dissolve soap scum and body oils while cleaning other areas. Rinse and scrub after waiting several minutes. Use a fine mist of vinegar and a microfiber cloth to dry the tub and shower stall as a professional cleaning lady would.

8. Make sure that everything is vacuumed.

Vacuums aren’t just for carpets; you might be surprised. Professional cleaners know that the best way to save time is to vacuum every floor in the house, including the kitchen and bathroom. Dust, hair, and other small bits of debris that tend to hide in corners can be easily picked up with it. Once you have vacuumed and mopped all the floor surfaces, start at the furthest corner and work your way back towards the door.

9. Use microfiber cloths for everything

If you want to be a pro at cleaning, it’s worth investing in a lot of microfiber cloths. You can clean nearly every surface in the house can with these miracle workers. Even better, you won’t have to use as many cleaning products, and surfaces will be left dry and clean with little wiping required. Microfiber cloths are so powerful that some professional house cleaners say they only use vinegar or water to clean most surfaces. There is no other cleaning tool so versatile and effective.

10. Clean regularly.

Here is the piece of advice most professional house cleaners would give you if you asked. Clean frequently. Pros recommend you set a regular cleaning day, usually once a week, and allow enough time to tackle the entire house at once. Regular cleaning has two benefits. First, there’s nothing like escaping to a fresh, clean house to relax after a hard day’s work. Second, you’ll save time in the long run. Cleaning a mostly clean house is much easier than waiting until there is a disaster. Even if you hire a cleaning company to do it, regular cleaning can save you money. When you clean regularly, there isn’t time for the dust to collect in hard-to-reach spots, soap residue to accumulate, and other problems to develop. 

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