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    Tip your baristas, servers, and hairdressers, but do you tip your house cleaner? If so, how much should you tip?

    To better understand tipping and when it’s appropriate, let’s look at its history.

    Since the 18th century, people have routinely tipped for services. There are many reasons why people tip. Many tip to show their affluence or to fulfill their duty, while others tip to show genuine gratitude and or to show their generosity. Tipping is the norm in some service industries, such as restaurants and salons. But in other industries, tipping often depends on personal preference.

    Tipping a house cleaner employed by a professional cleaning company is not something that is expected, but it has its place. As employees of a cleaning company, professional cleaners are not entitled to additional gratuities, but they appreciate the kindness.

    Should You Tip Your House Cleaner?

    There is no simple yes or no answer to this question. It depends on the situation. To begin with, there is no need to tip professional cleaners.

    The house cleaner is already paid by the company they work for or the job if they are freelancers. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t receive a tip.

    While tipping professional cleaners isn’t required, it is often nice to do so, and many people do.

    If your house cleaner does a good job and provides excellent service, tipping can be a nice gesture. It is also nice to give them a tip if they are doing more work than would normally be required for cleaning, such as polishing silver or deep cleaning the house.

    Should You Tip Your House Cleaner?

    Whether it is a regular cleaning or not, you may decide to tip. Shortly, although rarely expected, tips are appreciated. 

    If you’ve hired a regular house cleaner who cleans your home weekly or something similar, you might want to tip them as a holiday bonus. That way, you don’t have to tip them every time.

    Give the bonus around the holidays, as most people appreciate receiving extra money at this time of year.

    What to Consider When Tipping Your House Cleaner

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    • What is your budget?

    Spending should always be done per your budget. Be sure you know how much everything will cost you and whether tipping is expected when you hire a house cleaner.

    Your budget should cover the total amount needed to pay for the cleaning session, but you should also include the tip in your budget. Tipping is vital for many professional cleaners who work in the cleaning industry.

    When you can’t afford to tip, you might want to consider paying for house cleaning services. Keep the tip to at least 15 percent, but if your budget allows it and the cleaner did an excellent job, feel free to tip more.

    • How big is the job?

    When tipping, use common sense. You may only need a standard tip or a tip for just a regular house cleaning at the end of the year.

    However, if you expect a more thorough clean than usual or your home is large, consider a larger tip, since your house cleaner should be working very hard. Also, if you request anything extra they normally don’t do, such as organizing a room or doing the laundry, add this to your tip.

    You should also consider that housekeeping takes most of the day when tipping, meaning the housekeeper can’t take on other jobs.

    • How many professional cleaners?

    House cleaners sometimes work in teams. A good amount for the whole team is between 10-15 dollars each time they visit.

    However, you also need to consider the amount of work needed and the length of time to clean your home. This could affect the amount you tip.

    Consider giving them a larger tip if they spent a lot of time cleaning or did exceptional work. Or, if the crew is larger than two, you should leave a larger tip.

    • Should You Tip a Self Employed House Cleaner?

    Many people do not think it’s necessary to tip self-employed business owners. Tipping is less important for self-employed individuals, but keep in mind that they have business expenses to cover.

    More than likely, some of the amounts will go towards that. They are probably still making more than someone who works for a company. Use your own judgment when it comes to tipping.

    • What is the service?

    Cleaning services come in a variety of forms. There are regular cleanings, which usually happen weekly or biweekly. These might require annual tipping rather than tipping each time.

    Additionally, there is special occasion cleaning. This might include cleaning around the holidays. Alternatively, you might be cleaning up after a party or preparing for a party. This type of cleaning involves considerable work, so tips would probably be appreciated. 

    Deep cleaning is another type of house cleaning. This type of cleaning involves more detailed work and may require more time. As a result, tipping is a nice gesture. 

    You should give your house cleaner some extra money if they do a great job or the cleaning is more than expected. After all, they are going above and beyond.

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      Do You Tip Move Out Cleaners?

      You may need to do a deep clean when moving out of a house, so your house cleaner may take a while, particularly if you are trying to get your deposit back and have special cleaning requirements.

      Therefore, if your house cleaner does a great job, you might want to leave a nice tip.

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