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    Come home to a clean, organized, clutter-free house, and you’ll feel better, right? You might wonder if the stress you feel when your home isn’t as tidy as you’d like is just in your head, but science assures us it’s not. Messy homes make us feel more stressed and anxious. Clutter in our homes can significantly impact how we feel about ourselves in our everyday lives, and proper home cleaning will keep that away. 

    Maintaining a clean, tidy home is an easy way to reduce daily stress, but even house cleaning can cause anxiety for some. It can be frustrating to feel like we have no idea where to start or how frequently we need to do certain household chores.

    Our Top 10 Home Cleaning Tips

    We’ve gathered the 10 best house cleaning to help you make the cleaning process. Make your house sparkle with these pro house cleaning hacks:

    1. Use microfiber cloths more

    Microfiber is not only better at cleaning surfaces than sponges, paper towels, and the like, but it is also machine washable and quick-drying, meaning it is less likely to harbor bacteria. White vinegar is a great multipurpose cleaner when mixed with water and dish soap.

    Using only water kills up to 99% of bacteria and is about three times more effective than traditional cleaning cloths.

    2. Clean up spills and messes throughout the day

    Keep the kitchen clean daily to prevent things from getting out of control. Getting rid of the daily pileup of clutter and mess will also help you avoid cross-contamination.

    Keep a microfiber cloth nearby so you can wipe up spills immediately. Then they won’t harden and become ten times more difficult to clean later.

    3. Use baking soda to clean tougher messes

    Using a microfiber cloth is ideal for cleaning up small messes on kitchen counters and appliances, but we recommend baking soda for bigger food-related messes. Put baking soda in your pantry to remove grease buildup.

    Wipe down any grease-covered areas with a cloth sprayed with baking soda. After a few minutes, wipe the area with a clean, damp cloth to remove the residue.

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    4. Clean heavily trafficked areas several times per week

    Keep your bathroom clean daily just as you do your kitchen to make deeper, less frequent cleanings easier.

    Take care of a small chore before it becomes a big one. Take care of the toilet, the bathtub, and the floors. Pay attention to the back of the toilet. Since it’s one of the most germ-ridden areas, you should be cleaning it at least twice a week.

    Still not convinced that you should clean the toilet more often? Think about it. Every time you flush, the toilet water and waste mix together, releasing plumes of microbes into the air, settling all over the toilet.

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    5. Keep your living room dust-free by focusing on hidden areas

    You and your family will spend most of your time in the living room, so you should do a thorough job there when home cleaning. Make sure you hit every spot by moving your furniture as you go. Organize everything so that you are vacuuming and dusting the floor underneath where the furniture sits before moving it back.

    Ensure that you reach those hard-to-reach places that have been collecting dust all year. Don’t forget to vacuum underneath the cushions too!

    You should vacuum under furniture and between cushions in your living room at least once a month to stay ahead of the curve. Do those tasks every two weeks if you or a family member suffer from allergies.

    6. Don’t overlook smaller, often-forgotten parts of your bathroom

    Keep things thoroughly clean by keeping an eye on often-forgotten areas in the bathroom. Among these areas that are commonly forgotten are faucet aerators and toothbrush holders. Your toothbrush holder is one of the germiest places in your house, so you should clean it regularly.

    Don’t forget to clean these areas. The best way to clean those nooks and crannies around your faucet is to use an old toothbrush and warm water.

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    7. Use the right tools and products

    Make sure that your vacuum can clean things other than carpets and rugs. You’ll need one with attachments for cleaning soft furnishings, curtains, and stair treads. Microfiber cloths and mops work best on hard surfaces.

    You’ll also save money on cleaning supplies over the long run by using microfiber cloths, which can be washed after each use.

    8.  Keep dust-collecting textiles clean

    Living rooms face different challenges from kitchens and bathrooms because of the dust-collecting textiles. You can reduce and control dust mite populations by regularly cleaning your upholstery, carpet, and linens.

    Cleaning your curtains and vacuuming your soft furniture may not seem like a priority, but it’s important to keep your home clean and your family healthy.

    You should wash curtains at least twice a year, but you can vacuum them lightly once a month with an attachment. Dust and vacuum your curtains weekly.

    9. Spend 10 minutes a day making your bed 

    As soon as you wake up, make your bed. It may not seem like a big deal, but this is the center of your room. Make your bed to make the whole room look neater instantly. As you become accustomed to making your bed every day, the cleaning process becomes ingrained in your daily routine.

    After making your bed in the morning, clean up the surfaces in your bedroom to make it feel like a tranquil retreat. Clothing on the floor should be placed in the hamper or back in the drawers. Once you perform these simple tasks consistently, they will quickly become a habit and make regular weekly home cleaning much easier.

    10. Keep everyone involved in the home cleaning

    Don’t put too much on too much yourself. It’s time to rethink your strategy if you’re feeling so overwhelmed by house cleaning that you don’t get started. Families with other members should ensure that everyone, including kids, is doing their fair share of the work. You can also hire a cleaning company to do the job.

    Consider creating a kids’ chore chart if you have children. It is easier to manage larger deep cleaning tasks when you divide and conquer your fellow adults.

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