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    Do you plan to move out soon? It’s important to leave your former home in good (or at least acceptable) condition, whether you’re ending a lease or selling a house. Moving cleaning is essential whether you will do it yourself or hire a professional cleaning service. A deep clean is likely to be necessary for renters to get their security deposit back. It is common for landlords to require tenants to return the home to its original condition before moving out. Likely, those selling a home will also need to give the new owners a deep cleaning before giving them the keys. Even though it isn’t a legal requirement to a deep clean new home, it’s often customary for sellers to do it anyway when they move out.

    What’s Included in a Move-Out Cleaning?

    Whether you clean yourself or hire a professional move-out cleaning company, you need to know what needs to be cleaned. We will go room by room and use comprehensive checklists to ensure nothing is missed in our move-out cleaning services

    Cleaning the Kitchen

    Cleaning the kitchen can be challenging for older homes due to odors, splatters, and stains. To maximize your time, we recommend applying cleaning solutions to tough messes (like an oven) in the beginning while you’re working on other areas. We include these tasks in our kitchen moving cleaning:

    • Cleaning the interior and exterior of appliances (oven, stovetop, range hood, microwave, fridge, dishwasher) 
    • Wiping small appliances ( toaster, microwave, coffee maker)
    • Dusting and wiping countertops and shelves 
    • Cleaning cabinet interiors and exteriors
    • Washing sinks and backsplash
    • Washing the dishes
    • Dusting all the surfaces
    • Cleaning Inside window tracks and windowsills
    • Dusting baseboards 
    • Wiping doors, doorframes, and doorknobs
    • Wiping light switches
    • Cleaning baseboards 
    • Emptying the trash
    • Vacuuming and washing the floor 

    Cleaning the Bathroom

    Because you don’t have to work around personal items, it is easier to clean a bathroom when it is empty. Therefore, you can lay some old towels at the door and thoroughly clean your entire bathroom.

    Whenever you encounter a mess, spread products directly onto the area to be cleaned and then let the cleaner perform its task while proceeding to other tasks. Here are some of the tasks that come with our bathroom moving cleaning:

    • Cleaning and sanitizing bathtub, glass doors, and shower walls 
    • Disinfecting the sink and toilet
    • Cleaning mirrors
    • Wiping and cleaning cabinet interiors and exteriors
    • Wiping and dusting countertops and shelves 
    • Cleaning Inside windowsills and window tracks
    • Wiping doors, doorknobs, and doorframes
    • Dusting light switches
    • Cleaning and mopping the floor
    • Taking out the trash

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    Cleaning the Bedroom

    Cleaning is most efficient when you work from top to bottom. Whether you are cleaning a single room or your entire house, you can follow this rule. You should start with the second floor and work on every room from top to bottom if you have two stories. These are some of the tasks we do in our bedroom moving cleaning:

    • Dusting and wiping all surfaces 
    • Cleaning closet exteriors and interiors 
    • Cleaning the mirrors
    • Dusting and wiping baseboards 
    • Cleaning interior windowsills and window tracks 
    • Wiping doors, doorknobs, and doorframes
    • Dusting light switches
    • Taking out the trash
    • Vacuuming and mopping floors 

    Cleaning the Living Room

    For a move, you should also clean all common areas (hallways, entryways, stairs) and living areas (dining and living rooms). Look for marks in furniture-covered areas and in high traffic areas that you don’t routinely clean (e.g., hallway walls). Our move-out cleaning services leave your living room spotless by:

    • Dusting all the surfaces 
    • Cleaning the mirrors 
    • Cleaning inside windowsills and window tracks 
    • Dusting and wiping baseboards 
    • Wiping doors, doorknobs, and doorframes
    • Dusting light switches
    • Vacuuming and mopping floors 
    • Taking out the trash
    • Cleaning closet fronts and insides 

    Move Out Cleaning Tips You Must Know

    You will finally move out after months of planning and waiting. If you have sold your house at a reasonable price or are moving out after the tenancy is over, you should clean the house thoroughly before moving into your new one. Here are some moving cleaning tips to help you. If you want to learn more about how you can do it without spending a lot of time and effort, here are five moving cleaning tips you should know.

    • Keep the Exterior in Mind

    The inspection starts here. Before you move out, make sure to clean the house’s exterior. Declutter your lawn, clean your shed, and remove dirt and leaves. Use a pressure washer to clean your patio and deck.

    • Don’t Forget the Walls

    If you are leaving the house and will probably never see it again, you don’t want to paint the walls. It would cost you a lot of money. However, it would be best if you cleaned the walls. Your walls can make or break your impression of cleanliness. No matter how well organized and clean your home is, dirty and stained walls can ruin it. But first, level the wall and remove all screws, hooks, and nails.

    Use paint-friendly cleaners and scrubbers to dust the walls and remove stains. To remove stains and to cover any discolored, stubborn areas, apply a dirt-free layer of emulsion. This could save you from a large redecorating bill from your landlord. Use bleach to remove the mildew and inform your landlord.

    • Keep the Dirty Rooms for Last

    Make sure you have all the cleaning supplies you will need for your moving cleaning before you begin. You’ll need them in your new place anyway. Simple household ingredients can be used to make cleaners and disinfectants at home. Focus on cleaning one room at a time. If you begin with the most complicated areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms, you can leave the easier ones for last. You should also make sure all your food and other items are stored properly before moving cleaning starts.

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      Last but not least is not to shy away from hiring a professional cleaning service. If you feel like the moving process is overwhelming and there’s no extra time left for a moving cleaning, then we are here to make it stress-free. Contact us today if you would like to benefit from the best move-out cleaning services in & near Arlington Heights, IL. Call now!