7 Things You Need to Do Before a Home Cleaner Arrives

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When you hire a trustworthy cleaning service, they will give you an estimate and a specific date. So, you might think that you can sit back and relax now. But, it is incorrect, and you need to do so many things to be ready and get the best quality for the money you spend. It doesn’t mean you need to do everything by yourself, but there are some required activities. Keep reading to know about the things necessary to do before a home cleaner arrives.

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    • Remove the Clutter Before the Cleaner Arrives

    Most services won’t pick up clutter and heavy things from surfaces; they only clean. So, it would help if you made arrangements before the service arrived. These are primarily for insurance reasons, or they might face time constraints. The services don’t have time to arrange bottles and electronics accumulated on different corners of the building.

    They won’t pick all the different toys of your kids to vacuum the surfaces and floors. Try to remove everything from the floor and put them in appropriate places like closets. The services don’t have enough time to riffle through the clutter on the floor and put every item in its proper place. Keep in mind that most services use cleaning ladies, and they can’t move heavy objects. Therefore, you must remove heavy items from the cleaning area.

    In some cases, washing the dishes is included in the cleaning list to be done by cleaners. You need to pay an extra fee for this service. But if it is not included in the cleaning list, you must do it yourself. It is not mandatory to wash the dishes before the cleaners arrive. But it would be best if you removed them from the cleaning area. If the sink is clear, the cleaners will scrub it precisely.

    • Secure Your Kids and Pets

    It is terrible finishing mopping and cleaning the floors, and your pooch suddenly comes in. Sometimes, little kids will do this and make a mess after mopping and cleaning. In these cases, cleaners must sweep and mop again, which is time-consuming and might cause an extra cost for you. Some people are allergic to pets, so tell the service about your pets in advance. Keep your pets in the yard during cleaning to avoid making a mess. Children sometimes sleep in cleaning areas, and the cleaners must wait. It’ll waste the cleaners’ time, and they might charge you extra money. So, keep the children away from the cleaning area. Please do not waste the time of services because it is in favor of you and your budget.

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    • Leave the Cleaning Area and Let Cleaners Do Their Job

    The cleaners are at your place for cleaning, not for socializing or getting assistance from you. It is wise to leave them alone to do their job well. Your interference may bring a mess. Many individuals might not be comfortable with this, but cleaners usually clean when no one is home. If you don’t want to leave your place, hide in a corner and leave them alone. Hovering around and giving pieces of advice to the cleaners can make a wrong impression on cleaners. If you have hired a trustworthy company, trust them because they know their job.

    • Contact the Cleaning Service After the Construction Is Completely Done

    When the construction is underway, the cleaners might wait in many cases. Cleaning is not beneficial in this situation because the space will be dirty again. It is better to finish the construction and initiate the cleaning process immediately.

    • Identify the Areas That Need Special Attention

    Some areas of your building need more cleaning activity for reasons like heavier foot traffic and more. Spot these places beforehand, and ask cleaners to spend more time on those particular zones. For instance, if your bathroom needs more attention, call them the day before to remind them of the issue.

    • Ensure That the Cleaners Can Get In

    Ensure the cleaners have enough information to access your place and shut off the alarm system. It means things like dropping a key when the cleaner comes. It saves more time for both of you and makes the cleaning process more delightful.

    • Don’t Forget to Tidy Your Kitchen and Bathroom in advance

    Kitchens and bathrooms are busy places with lots of things. Working and cleaning in these places is demanding due to the presence of so many things. It is better to tidy up these areas before your cleaner arrives. If you do so, the cleaner can clean better, and it’ll be worth your money. Being accountable to your cleaner can be beneficial for you.

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