Spring cleaning with various rites is famous worldwide and is the annual deep cleaning for many individuals. Cleaning the house from top to bottom is not easy, but the great feeling after that is joyful. Remember that more than just a few days or a weekend is needed for spring cleaning, and you will also need the help of family members. There are various things to do in this process, like shampooing the carpets or organizing the closets. It is ideal to use cleaning services for these kinds of activities because professional cleaners have a combination of experience, expertise, and the required tools and products to do the task well. This article will represent a checklist you can tailor according to your situation and preferences.

1- Prepare all the required cleaning supplies 

It would be best if you had natural and eco-friendly cleaning supplies to clean every spot around your living place. Things like baking soda and white vinegar can be a great help in your spring cleaning endeavor. A microfiber mop in line with plan sponges can make the cleaning job much more accessible and environmentally friendly. Reusable spray bottles and mild detergents are also required to get the best results. Try to use all-purpose cleaners to save money and energy. All in all, you must have all the necessary tools and products to start the cleaning task appropriately.

2- Scrub walls and ceilings 

Remember to remove dust from walls and ceilings at the beginning. You can do that using a vacuum cleaner, but a solvent-free degreaser is required to remove the stubborn grime on the surfaces, especially ones available in kitchens.

3- Don’t ignore the grout lines 

The grout lines on the floors or countertops are incredibly porous, and stains will appear quickly. You need to reseal these lines with care and attention; a penetrating grout sealer can be the best choice for this purpose, and it is wise to use it with a foam brush.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

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Spring Cleaning Services Checklist

4- Deep-clean the carpets and rugs 

Vacuum and clean all the carpets and rugs in your surroundings. Carpets with waterproof backings can be deep-cleaned using various machines, but if the rugs are not with waterproof backings, professional cleaning is required. 

5- Clean books and shelves 

Bring everything down the shelves and brush them (including books) with an appropriate duster. Some tight spots take work to reach. It would help if you had tools like dust brushes to get these tricky spots and clean all of them. If you have leather-bound books on your shelves, scrub the spines with a clean cloth for this purpose. 

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6- Don’t forget the space under the furniture and appliances 

Remove the sofa, chairs, and different appliances from the area before vacuuming the floor. Ask a friend or family member to help you and roll up rugs to get the best cleaning results. Move the kitchen appliances as much as possible to scrub all the areas. So you can clean the spaces under the appliances thoroughly and get a healthier environment free from the risk of disease-causing microorganisms.

7- Clean the curtains and draperies 

Curtains and draperies don’t usually need to be laundered because they are not very dirty in most cases. You can clean them with your vacuum, but if you use an upholstery attachment on the vacuum cleaner, it`ll be beneficial. If you have a sheer curtain and it is dusty, use a dryer on low with something like a fabric-softener sheet to remove the dust. 

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8- Go to light fixtures and bulbs 

If the fixtures and bulbs are easy to reach, use an appropriate cloth, like a microfiber, to wipe. If they are not easy to reach, use an extendable duster rather than a ladder. If the bulbs are covered with stubborn grime, dampen a cloth with vinegar and wipe carefully. Be cautious when you touch the bulbs, and ensure they are cool and your hands are not wet. Cleaning the light fixtures must be done before cleaning the room because some errant dust can fall and disrupt cleaning the surfaces. 

9- Declutter and get organized 

You need to declutter and organize any rooms before cleaning. If you are overwhelmed by clutter, use some organizing tools to facilitate the process. You need various boxes while decluttering; for instance, you might need a box for sale items and another for things you want to toss. Return the required items that you need to keep to their appropriate places.

10- Streamline your wardrobe 

If you don’t use some clothing items, it is better to store them or keep them tucked away to streamline your closet. The seasonal essentials must be available to use and at the forefront. Labeling and categorizing the boxes and places where you keep your clothing items are always helpful because you can find the required gear easily in each season.

Spring cleaning Services in & near Arlington Heights, IL 

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